PCD Franchise

PCD Franchise for Herbal Products

Binexo Pharmaceuticals is a leading Herbal PCD Pharma company in Karnal. We are a WHO-GMP Certified and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Since 2014, we have been providing our PCD Pharma services for Herbal Products and trying to contribute to the welfare of people. We are pleased to welcome new PCD Pharma distributors/partners having a growth-oriented strategy for Ayurvedic Products.

We are looking for Pharma Franchise for providing a wide range of herbal products throughout India. Serious, dedicated and experienced persons are welcome for sole marketing and distribution rights. We offer Ayurvedic Products include Tablets, Capsules, Hair Oil, Shampoo, Gum Paints, Powder, Ointment, Juices, etc which are widely appreciated for its accurate composition, effectiveness, and purity. We offer lucrative terms to our franchise.

Pharma Franchise refers to privilege or right. Franchising refers to business in which a trademark of Pharma Franchise company can be used by the other partner for doing business. The partner uses that brand to sell products. The franchise can be of different types and different modes. We are also engaged in the marketing of our products to cover possible horizons. With the view to spread our presence across India, we provide you with Monopoly distribution rights. Anyone who would like to apply for Monopoly distribution can visit our website and fill in a contact form.

There are the following reasons to choose us:

  • GMP & GLP Manufacturing Collaboration
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Rich Experience
  • Spacious warehouses
  • Wide range of products approved by DCGI
  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing Collaboration